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Concert Limo Rental

Great!  You got tickets to the concert!  But have you ever experienced any of the following?

Having to leave hours before the show starts to get a parking spot

Having to park a mile or more away from the event

Having too much to drink and worrying about how you’ll get home

Parking illegally and not enjoying the concert because you’re too busy worrying whether or not your car will still be there when you get back

Finding a spot to park in that you think is safe, only to find your car has been towed.  Maybe it was even late at night and you have to pay an after-hours fee to get your car back

Having to pay an insane fee on top of what you already paid for the concert JUST to park

Limo Rental Boise can take care of all these problems!  Not to mention how much fun you’re going to be having on the way to and from the concert.  You’ll be stress free when you leave navigating through concert traffic to our great drivers.  Get a group of your best concert going friends together today and make a great evening even better with awesome transportation!  You may even be feeling more famous that the artist you’re planning to see!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride before and after the show!  Call us today for reservations!